Stylized Sculptures

The making of horse sculptures is his life, creating new models always a joy and a struggle and than at the end the satisfaction when the sculpture realizes your expectations.

Making use of precious stones and gems has opened another way to realize Arabian horse sculptures with a different view. For some projects Willem van Beelen works together with two well known German artists , from Idar-Oberstein , Hans- Ulrich Pauly and Helmut Wolf, both artists are specialized in the art of carving.

Stylizing his sculptures Willem van Beelen is trying to take away as much as possible of the model, without losing the perfect shape of the Arabian horse. He has turned away from the realistic representation of horses. The concrete shape seems to dissolve, his horses – in spite of the hardness of the material – now have a softer and tender quality, with just their silhouettes outlined. They are transparent for the world that lies behind them. In fact this is how the artistic direction of Van Beelen could best be described: to look at the world through the horse.