The work of Willem van Beelen

Willem van Beelen today

Willem van Beelen today, is a sculptor, whose life is dedicated and connected with the Arabian horse. He passes his days in his studio, sculpting or designing, preparing new models in clay or wax, and sometimes he is travelling around the world, visiting horsebreeders, watching their horses , inspiring himself for the making of new sculptures.

Willem van Beelen today

The Career of Willem van Beelen

His artistic career nowadays is turning around this object in all his forms, His bronzes are well known in the world of the arabian horsebreeders and enthusiasts. His sculptures from small to life size in bronze or marmorgranulat are bought by these people who are sharing this passion for this so very fine and elegant creature.

The Passion of Willem van Beelen

And it is just the passion of Willem van Beelen that makes that creativity can flourish and gives him the urge to create. And just because he is having so much inspiriation for making new things, he is co-operating with some well-known art casting firms now , so they can help him to find more time, for the making of all these ideas he is having in his head and want to be realized. Willem van Beelen really hopes that during the new year he can show you some new models on his website.